Start a Revolution: Get People on Bikes

Had a fantastic meeting today at the Mercantile Library  concerning the status of Cincinnati in regards to it’s bike-ability.   Joe and I met some great people.  Bike people of different varieties, who are out there two-wheelin’ it along side us on the streets.  It really opened my eyes to the variety of reasons why we roll like we do. People ride for recreation, people ride for jobs, people ride for transportation.  There are folks that don’t own a bike at all but that grab a bike share and move themselves from spot to spot. There was also a discussion about people that weren’t present at the meeting, invisible people – the homeless, the street folks, the side-walk-slingers, wrong-way-cruisers, the neighborhood janky-bikers.  These dudes are out there with us too, using bikes as there main mode of transport.

We shared experiences and initiated  an important conversation.   We are all just trying to get somewhere safely–people in cars, walkers down the street, cyclists spinning tires with legs.   We need to help our city council and city planners set a foundation where everyone has there own space to move safely.

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