Recap of tonite!

Short summary of the happenings of this evening. Fireworks FRIDAY!

Dropped off an older man and woman from out of town at the Mixx Ultra-Lounge to watch the KC Royals compete for the World Series. I explained to them that it was not the ideal sports viewing establishment but they wanted to get dropped off there anyhow. Party on!

I picked up a couple in OTR of whom were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!! Amazing! They looked youthful and in love,  enjoying there time together even after 5 kids and 17-some grandkids. 

Picked up a gentleman who was 102 years old from the UC Bearcats game at Paul Brown Stadium! Not only was it his first pedicab ride, but football game as well. He was not impressed with the sport nor the stadium and simply wanted to go home. Fair enough. I was honored he took a ride in the people bike truck.

I scooped up a group of 4 leaving the game as well and they were snuggly situated on each others laps when I felt a kick to my rear and a patron yell, “Yee donkey!”  Yes kind readers some people are terribly rude. I SLAMMED on my brakes, and turned around to give this man what I can only describe as stabby demon eyes. I told him sternly, using my piercing stare to communicate my level of seriousness, “That was terribly disrespectful.”  His co-riders were mortified.  He was frozen with embarrassment. I am a person and I am providing a service. I will not stand for inappropriate conduct.  That being said when the ride was over he apologized profusely admitting he was intoxicated and trying to be funny for his friends.

Most people I pick up are wonderful, they are appreciative and enthusiastic. My last ride of the evening was a mother and son duo (date-night) from the UC game to Covington. They were the best!! I took the corners on the Ruebling bridge tight and fast — in rollercoaster fashion for maximum excitement.  The boy, Cole, was absolutely a cool  and sweet kid. I wanted to hire him to be a pedicab driver but, alas, he was into scooters more than bikes.

All and all yay to the day. Love these street. Cincinnati rules.

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